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$5 Quilt Club 2020

Important Info for May 2020 $5 Quilt Club

Click here for a .pdf file of the corrected Regular Instructions for May's block.

In May, we held our $5 Quilt Club as a Facebook Live Event. You can check it out on our Facebook page under videos.

We will have the May $5 Quilt blocks in boxes set up on the porch M-Sat, 11a-3p, starting Friday, May 8.  This will be an honor system. If you got your March regular block done, you'll get one free regular block as usual! We'll have a cash box if you want to purchase extra blocks other than your free one. For hours outside that time, please email us at and we'll see what we can do to arrange a pickup.

If you prefer, there will be a link to purchase your May blocks on our online ordering system. Shipping is $5 flat rate, so feel free to add something to your order! ;-)

You'll be able to get your regular block for free (if you have completed it) through May 31, either by mail or by pick up.

The blocks that we missed in April will be added to later months to get the full number of blocks for the year.

Check our Facebook page at to see videos of our $5 Quilt Club!

Here's a video "Sew-Along" showing tips for the March Regular blocks. It's my first video, so it's pretty rough, but I did manage to turn off the auto focus about halfway through (thank goodness!):

And here's a video "Sew-Along" showing tips for the March Expansion blocks:

Here are some examples of 2019's $5 Quilt Club quilts:
We do have kits leftover from last year. You may purchase them here.



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