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Sewing Machine Repair FAQ's

Many times, a problem with your sewing machine is something simple. If you're in the middle of a project, don't hesitate to call us at 828-277-4100. A lot of the time, we can help right over the phone, even if it's a machine we don't sell! Please leave a message and we will call you back if we're busy helping customers in the store.

What machine brands does ACC service?
We service all Bernina, Baby Lock, Eversewn and Janome sewing machines and sergers that were purchased at Asheville Cotton Co., assuming that parts are still available from the manufacturer if needed.

We also service most Bernina and Baby Lock Machines that were purchased elsewhere, with some exceptions. Most notably, we cannot service multi-needle embroidery machines and long-arm quilting machines (both sit-down and frame models) not purchased at ACC due to space and time limitations.

We do not service Janome or New Home machines that were not purchased at Asheville Cotton Co.

We do not service Eversewn machines that were not purchased at Asheville Cotton Co.

Sometimes, machines are just too old for us to feel comfortable servicing because they're so fragile! Please see "What about older machines" below for more information.

What do I need to bring when I bring my machine in for service?
- The machine
- Power cord
- Foot control
- Regular Zig-Zag presser foot (#1 for Bernina, J foot for Baby Lock)
- Regular bobbin case (this is a MUST!)

If your machine is having "issues," please also bring the following:
- Samples of what the machine is doing wrong
- The exact thread, bobbin thread, fabric, needle, etc. that you were using when the problem happened
- Any parts pertinent to the technique you're having a problem with, eg. the embroidery module, hoop and presser foot when embroidering; the buttonhole foot if the buttonhole's not working; the walking foot if it's not "walking." Please call if you have questions concerning what to bring.

How much does service cost?
During your General Yearly Maintenance Service, we remove the covers, deep clean, lubricate parts and make adjustments such as upper and lower tension, needle position, etc. This covers most minor problems, unless, of course, we need to replace a part, or if the problem is more extensive. In this case, we will give an estimate before doing anything we consider major.

In order to expedite your service, we will replace minor parts and perform extra minor service as needed without first giving an estimate on cost. We try to keep our service as reasonably priced as possible in order to keep you happily sewing! If the machine has a more extensive problem and you would like to be notified if a repair might go over a certain cost, please let us know when you drop off the machine.

How long will it take?
Service turnaround times vary greatly depending upon the number of machines to be serviced and depending upon what kind of repairs are needed on the machines ahead of yours. Since it's extremely difficult to guess how long repairs ahead of you are going to take, we do not set appointments for service. You're welcome to ask us for an estimate of time, but know that it's only a guess. Also please allow longer if we need to order parts or if the service needed on your machine is extensive. It's our goal to keep you happily sewing, so we do try our best to get you up and running as quickly as we can.

What about older machines?
Every machine of every kind has a lifespan. Bernina and Baby Lock sewing machines have withstood the test of time, far outlasting most other appliances, including ovens and stoves, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. Even automobiles are considered antiques after 20 years!

But alas, as with anything mechanical, there comes a time when we must admit that it's time to put our beloved machines on a shelf and call them pretty antiques.

Berninas have a 20 year limited parts warranty. As the first American Berninas are approaching twice this age (30-40 years old), many of the parts inside are becoming delicate. Bernina is finally beginning to run out of certain spare parts. It is possible that even during a routine service, a part could accidentally be broken without a replacement available.

For this reason, it is Bernina's policy not to service certain models:
Old 530
Old 540
Old 730

In addition to those machines, Asheville Cotton Co. also cannot service some older machines with aging and/or non-available parts, including but not limited to:
801 / 801 sport
Old 830 (the one with the red case that is 30+ years old)
Bernette 234 serger
Bernette 334 serger

With the preceding in mind, please note that we have been experiencing a shortage of certain parts on some other models. While we can still do routine service, certain parts may not be available. Machines in this category include but are not limited to:

Similarly, there will be times when your older Baby Lock is beyond help. We will let you know if that is the case with your machine. Some notable Baby Lock products that we don't service are the first tiny Baby Lock sergers that were sold in the 1960's through 80's.

We know you love your machine and we understand your pain! Please know that we are committed to providing you the best service possible within our means. Thanks for your patience and understanding.