We'd Love to Help You Pick Out Your New Best Friend!

We LOVE helping our customers choose a sewing machine, serger or embroidery machine! We have a full selection of Bernina, Baby Lock, Eversewn and Janome machines.  Whether you are a beginner or a confessed sew-a-holic, we have a machine that's perfect for you. We are committed to making sure you get the most out of your new machine. We offer five or six FREE Machine Mastery Classes with any machine you purchase at Asheville Cotton Co. 

Drop by any time and we'll help you pick out the machine of your dreams.

Not all of our vast inventory is online quite yet, but click on the links below to check out our progress. Be sure to come by soon to let us help you with your decisions.

Baby Lock February Specials

All Machines Come with FREE 60 DAY Love of Knowledge

Solaris - FREE Evolution serger (BLE8W-2) with Solaris purchase, MSRP Value $3,999.99.
Valiant – FREE Durkee Hoop Kit (BLPROMO610)* with Valiant purchase, MSRP Value $689.80
Intrepid – FREE Durkee Hoop Kit (BLPROMO610)*  with Intrepid purchase, MSRP Value $689.80
- Durkee Promo Hoop Kit (12 pc.) for Valiant and Intrepid, BLPROMO610 includes:
   - Multi-Needle Cap Frame,
   - Set of 7 piece EZ Frames (EZ7PCPR): EZ Arm, 2 X 4, 2.5 X 4, 3 X 4, 5 x 4, 7 X 5, 8 X 8, Cap back frame.
   - 1 each of four most popular additional sized EZ Frames:
   - 1 ½”x 4”– for tongues & sides of tennis shoes, shirt pockets, collars, & cuffs  
   - 3” x 8” – great for shirt sleeves, pant legs, and boots
   - 5” x 8” – the “onesie” frame
   - 12” x 8” – all large projects

Alliance - FREE Durkee Hoop Kit (BLPROMOAL) with Alliance purchase, MSRP Value $493.80.
- Durkee Alliance Promo Hoop Kit includes:
   - Cap frame for the Alliance
   - EZ Frame Arm for Alliance/PRS100
   - 2” x 4” EZ Frame  
   - 5” x 4” EZ Frame
   - 7” x 5” EZ Frame
   - 8” x 8” EZ Frame

Buy a Baby Lock machine OVER $5000 and a Koala at the same time, get

Buy a Baby Lock machine UNDER $5000 and a Koala at the same time, get