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2020 PARTIAL Quilt Club Kit - FLORAL Colorway

Number of fabric kits: 15

Price:   $ 67.50   $ 42.50  
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These kit include INSTRUCTIONS for all 18 kits (a total of 60 6" blocks), however we ran out of many of the accompanying fabric kits, so these have varied number of fabric kits with them, ranging from 15-17 fabric kits, each of which make 3-4 blocks! AKA, when you purchase this, you will have instructions for all of the blocks, but not all of the necessary fabric.

Kits do not include sashing, binding, backing, or finishing instructions.

Kits are priced by how much fabric is included, then discounted. 

If you are not familiar with our $ 5 quilt club, and do not understand the instructions you receive, feel free to email questions to