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2023 Quilt Club "Patchwork Party"!

See and purchase this year's blocks here.


We do our quilt club every year from March to December (A different pattern and set of colorways each year). Meetings are always the SECOND Saturday of the month, and whatever Friday precedes it (this is not always the second Friday). The meetings are Friday morning at 10am and Saturday morning at 10am. You only attend one meeting, as they're all approximately the same. Feel free to show up 10-15 minutes early to make sure you get a seat!
Blocks will be available for purchase in store and online each of the following Friday mornings;
2023 Quilt club dates;
March 10-11
April 7-8 (This is a first Friday, but second Saturday!)
May 12-13
June 9-10
July 7-8 (This is a first Friday, but second Saturday!)
August 11-12
September 8-9
October 13-14
November 10-11
December 8-9

  • You do not have to be present at a Quilt Club meeting to get a free block, but you will need to pick it up IN PERSON sometime before the next meeting to get it for free. (No free blocks will be mailed.)
  • The $10 block price includes tax, so there will be a cash line on Quilt Club days for express checkout.
  • Yes, a friend can pick up your block, but it will cost $10, with $5 Cotton Cash back.
  • Yes, we will mail blocks, but it will cost $10, with $5 Cotton Cash back, and a flat rate of $5 shipping will apply to your whole order.
  • Cotton Cash will expire at the end of the month it was issued. No change will be given back for unused Cotton Cash and it has no cash value. Yes, you can use Cotton Cash on items to be shipped, but no, you can't use the Cotton Cash on block purchases or to pay for shipping.
  • Most people purchase an optional Expansion kit, and a huge number choose to do all four blocks each month. Any block above the free block will be $10, with $5 in Cotton Cash back.
  • The end result is a win-win for everyone! We can continue to offer Quilt Club and if you use your Cotton Cash your net cost is still just $5 for the first month and just $5 per extra block kit if you choose to do them.


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Check our Facebook page at to see live videos of our $5 Quilt Club!