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2022 $5 Quilt Club "When Life Give You Lemons


Asheville Cotton Co $5 Quilt Club!


We do our quilt club every year from March to December (A different pattern and set of colorways each year). Meetings are always the SECOND Saturday of the month, and whatever Friday precedes it (this is not always the second Friday). We are currently NOT holding in person meetings, but you can find our “virtual quilt club meetings” LIVE on our Facebook page ( every quilt club Friday morning (usually at 9:30am each of the Fridays listed below), or reposted to our blog (

Blocks will be available for purchase in store and online each of the following Friday mornings!
2022 $5 Quilt club dates;
March 11th-12th
April 8th-9th
May 13th-14th
June 10th-11th
July 8th-9th
August 12th-13th
September 9th-10th
October 7th-8th (This is a second Saturday but first Friday!)
November 11th-12th
December 9th-10th

2021 $5 Quilt Club "Balancing Act"



2020 $5 Quilt Club "I Love Hue"


Check our Facebook page at to see live videos of our $5 Quilt Club!