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Intro to Garment Making - Capsule Wardrobe

Join us in making four capsule pieces to add to our wardrobes with non-stretch fabrics. This class provides basic knowledge and skills for garment making, and will be a great foundation for future garment classes!

Intermediate Quilting

A follow up to our beginning quilting class, intermediate quilting! Join Ginny Benson again for four sessions to bring your sewing skills to the next level, and finish class with a full size completed quilt!

Beginning Quilting

A four session class with instructor Ginny Benson using the book "Start Quilting" by Alex Anderson! Learn all the basics of quilting, from cutting to piecing, to quilting and binding! You'll finish the class with a new wealth of knowledge and a small completed quilt!

Mar 13
The Rockstar Quilt
Mar 15
Design Your Own Doll Workshop with Charlie Patricolo
Mar 16
Design Your Own Doll Workshop with Charlie Patricolo