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2024 ACC Quilt Show Entry Form

Click here for a printable Quilt Show Entry form.

Asheville Cotton Co. Customer Quilt Show Rules:

1) There are no size restrictions, but please understand that we may need to fold your quilt or otherwise
hide part of it if we need more space. If seeing the whole quilt is important to you, you may wish to include a
photograph of the full quilt that we will hang with it. By entering the show, you give permission for anyone to
take photographs of your quilt.

2) If you don't want your quilt hung with thumbtacks, please sew a strip of fabric or a hanging sleeve along
the top edge of the back of the quilt so that we may put thumbtacks through this. You can machine-baste
this strip on and easily remove it after the show. A piece of paper will be safety-pinned to the back of your
quilt with your name on it. If this is a problem, make sure you have a quilt label attached with your name on it
and let us know.

3) Although we will do our very best to keep your quilt safe and clean, we cannot be responsible for
damage, loss or theft of your quilt. By entering your quilt into the show, you are agreeing that we are not
responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

4) One entry per person. We will be taking entries April 1 through April 20. Quilts will hang in our store from
May 1 through May 30, and you may pick them up the following week.

5) Voters will vote by donating money to quilts. All money donated will go to the MANNA Food Bank. The quilts
that earn the most money will win prizes. There will be no official judging of the quilts, just "Viewers' Choice."
There will also be other prizes determined by both free votes and donations. Donations may be made by
calling in with a credit card number, but free votes may not be called in.

6) You are encouraged to vote for your own quilt, and are encouraged to send friends and family to vote with
their donations (which might help you win!) The quiltmaker's name will not be visible, but we will have a list
so that your friends may vote for you. Or, you can collect money from friends and family and bring it yourself.

7) Asheville Cotton Co. reserves the right to add to or change the rules at any time.