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$5 Quilt Club Starts in March

$5 Quilt Club is starting up again March 7 and 8, 2014.

Each month, come join us while we show off all the new stuff in the store.  We'll spend about 45 minutes showing new fabric, books, patterns and notions.  Then, we have show-and-tell, where you can see what all your new friends have been up to that month and show off your own projects!

The first month, you will pay $5 for a quilt block kit and instructions.  The following month, bring your completed block, and you will get your next block kit for free!  If you forget to bring your completed block or miss a month, that's okay;  you can purchase your next block for $5.  This year, $5 Quilt Club will go through December 2014 (10 months.)

Our March meeting will be the big "reveal" for the quilt's design. 

We have two different colorways from which to choose, and there will be an optional Finishing Kit each month.  If you choose to do the optional finishing blocks, your quilt will end up being larger than the original.  If you choose to do both colorways and/or the optional Finishing Kit, each extra block kit will be $5.  In other words, if you get one block done and show up for the next $5 Quilt Club, one of your blocks will be free.  If you choose to do both colorways, the extra block will be an extra $5.  If you choose to do the Finishing, it will be $5 for each of the blocks that you choose to do.  There are cash lines that are a little quicker if you want to bring cash.

Thus, if you only do one colorway and show up every month with a completed block, you will only spend $5 for a quilt top! (minus any borders you may choose to add.)

$5 Quilt Club is ALWAYS the SECOND SATURDAY of the month, AND the DAY BEFORE (Friday).  Sometimes, this is not the second Friday of the month!!  Club is always Friday or Saturday at 10am and Friday at 5:30pm.  You may choose to come to any of these three sessions. You do not need to sign up.

To recap, there are only a couple of rules for $5 Quilt Club:
-  Show up on time and stay throughout the meeting. We do not give out any block kits until after Club is over.
-  Bring your completed block to get one free block or be prepared to pay $5 for your next block kit.  We know life gets in the way, and we have heard really good excuses for why you couldn't attend or why your block is not ready, but PLEASE! don't put us in the position of having to tell you "no!"  It breaks our hearts.