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2nd Annual "Stash Bash" for Charity

Last year, we had our first-ever Stash Bash. It was a huge success!  Our awesome customers raised more than $1760 for Santa Pals here in Asheville!

This year, our "Stash Bash" silent auction will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

You know that project (those projects) that you have just sitting there, waiting to be finished, that just aren't going to happen?  Well, we are going to get rid of those pesky little suckers.

The idea is for you to bring all of your UFOs (UnFinished Objects), WOMBATs (Wastes Of Money, Batting And Time), partially finished quilt projects, finished quilt tops you'll never quilt, and even completely finished quilts to the store before the auction.  We'll kick off the holiday season on that night with a grand party, including festive foods and special event-only sales!  Then, you can bid on everybody else's stash!  We timed this event so that you'll have time to finish these up to give as holiday gifts.

And the most important part is, all money raised will go to Asheville's very own Santa Pal organization, which has been donating toys to children in need for 77 years, since 1936!

This year, our "Stash Bash" silent auction will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

Please bring your "Stash Bash" donations by 3pm, Wed., Nov. 26.  (We'll be closing at 3pm for the Thanksgiving holiday.)

Clean up your sewing room for a good cause!  Due to the way the Santa Pal organization purchases toys in bulk, even the smallest of donations will help us to give a child a brighter holiday this year.

- You do not have to come to the "Stash Bash" in order to donate silent auction items.
- You do not have to donate any items in order to attend the "Stash Bash."
- Auction items can include any quilt-related project (handbags, table runners, wall hangings, full quilts, etc.) in any stage of completion (please either include the book or pattern, or make sure the pattern/book is still in print, and give us complete documentation).  Also, feel free to bring in fabric collections such as a fat quarter bundle, half-yard bundle, charm pack, etc.  If in doubt, bring it in; one man's trash is another man's treasure!
- If your stash item has no bids, you may choose to donate it to one of the charitable organizations we work with who will gladly finish it and give it to someone in need.
- At exactly 7pm, all bidding will cease, and the highest bidder for each item will win that item.
- You do not have to be present at 7pm to win the highest bid. 

See you soon with your auction items, and we will also be glad to take monetary donations for this very worthwhile cause.