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5/23 - 6/4/16 -- ACC Customer Quilt Show

We are excited to announce the dates of the next Asheville Cotton Co. Quilt Show.

This is the quilt show for the rest of us!  Our quilt show is different from other shows in that you don't have to be an expert to enter the show or to win.  Any size project is welcome, and it doesn't even have to be quilted yet to enter!

From May 23 through June 4, we will display our customers' quilts at the store, where the public is invited to come vote. Voters will vote by making donations toward their favorite quilts.

This year, all donations will go to the MANNA FoodBank here in Asheville.

The quilt makers whose quilts receive the most money in donations to MANNA will win valuable prizes, including a sewing machine!  Voters will also get one free vote for their very “Favorite Quilt,” and one free vote for their favorite “Beginner’s Quilt,” (if you've been quilting for less than a year). The top winner of favorite votes will also win a sewing machine!

In past years, we have raised several thousand dollars each year for charity with this event.  We always look forward to this show, and to seeing all the things you've made this year.  So, please join us and enjoy the show!