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"Bra-La-La" Bra Decorating Contest 2018 - Entries Due October 1!

Entries are due by October 1!

You know we love to give back to our community here at Asheville Cotton Co.  In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we're starting another tradition. We're having a "Bra-La-La" bra decorating contest! All proceeds from this event will go to Hope Chest for Women. Hope Chest for Women offers limited financial assistance to women in Western NC who are undergoing breast or gynecological cancer treatment. This non-profit was created because women often must choose between receiving treatment and providing for their families. Hope Chest assists with financial burdens such as rent and utility bills, gas and transportation, medical bills and co-pays, lymphedema garments, food, and other unmet needs. Typically, clients are referred by hospitals and physicians, etc. I can't wait to see your "uplifting" ideas! Decorated Art Bra entries will be due on October 1. Check here for a list of rules and an entry form.

  1. $20 Entry Fee (Tax Deductible when check is made out to Hope Chest for Women)
  2. Bling a Bra with your friends! Individual and Group Entries allowed.
  3. Sew it on, glue it on (with strong glue), but no tape. We need to be able to hang or wear these without them falling apart.
  4. Use any materials you'd like, except something expensive, priceless or quickly perishable (edible is okay as long as it won't fall apart in a month). Search the internet for bra decorating contest ideas. Please completely cover the original bra cup fabric.
  5. Please use a clean or new bra. Thrift stores can be a good resource for a starter bra. A heavily padded bra works best, as it will keep its shape better.
  6. Your Bra-La-La must be able to be hung from a hanger and be able to be worn. If you'd like, get creative with a hanger, too!
  7. Keep it in good taste; No R-Rated or X-Rated bras, please.
  8. Voters will get one free vote for his or her very favorite "Bra-La-La." The top favorite will earn "Breast of Show" bragging rights. Beyond that, voters may vote with any amount of money toward any bra or bras. The "Bra-La-La's" with the most donations will win the biggest prizes. All donations go to Hope Chest for Women here in WNC.
  9. While we will do our very best to keep your "Bra-La-La" safe, we cannot be responsible for any loss, theft or damage. We may exhibit these in places where we cannot control what happens to your entry. They may get touched. Please keep this in mind when designing your bra.
  10. "Bra-La-La's" may be photographed by anyone for any reason.
  11. We reserve the right to change, add to or alter the rules at any time, especially since this is the first year!
  12. Winners will be announced October 31st. Your entry will be available for pickup after October 31st.

Your Name(s) ______________________________________________________________

Group Name if Applicable _______________________________________________________

Contact Phone Number _______________________________________________

Contact Email (optional) _______________________________________________

Name of your "Bra-La-La" (Get Creative!)  _______________________________________________________

In Honor or Memory (circle one) of if applicable ________________________________________

Here is my $20 Entry Fee. I'd also like to donate $___________ on my own "Bra-La-La" to get the ball rolling! Your entry will be assigned a number. Be sure to tell your friends and family to donate for your "Bra-La-La!"

I have read the above rules and agree to them (Signature) __________________________________________