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43. "I Spy II"

77” x 50”--651 hexagons--101 “I Spy” items to find

My father, Leo Mayers, worked in the Fairfax County Courthouse in Fairfax, VA where an enormous painting that depicts local historical sites is displayed over the big central staircase. A small detail in the painting is a group of hunters chasing down a fox. The painter had a sense of whimsy because if you look very carefully you can see where the fox is hiding because his bushy tail is peeking out from his hiding place. Daddy enjoyed taking us kids and grandkids to see the painting and we all have happy memories of searching for the hidden fox. To keep that playful legacy alive I often hide a fox somewhere in my quilts. You guessed it . . . a fox is hidden in this one.

Special thanks to Chryste Krause of Quilts on the Ridge in Marshall NC who provided a flowery machine quilting pattern to complement the garden-like feel of the colors.

I plan to donate the quilt to an organization that can display it as a playful diversion to pass the time for people facing a lengthy tedious or anxious wait. If  you have suggestions for an organization, please email for nomination details.