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46. "Flower Show"

46. "Flower Show" Ruth S.
Pattern: Carolina Lily

I got this paper piece pattern back in the 90's when piece good shop closed and I've been looking to getting around to do it.  30 years seemed like a good time to wait I guess, given I had 2 kids and a full time law practice.    I didn't want to do a typical Carolina Lilly, as the white background and 2-3 colors were kind of boring.  I decided to do more of a scrap quilt, and I used a lot of batiks, my first time using them.  What I learned:  a.  use a small stitch when paper piecing lest the stitches pull out when you remove the paper.   that had me panicking.  b.  pull the paper out before you sew the blocks together (see a. above).   c.  putting blocks on point is harder than traditional arrangement.  d.  I'm not very good, but it still looks OK at the end.