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48. "Tree of Life COVID-19 Remembrance Quilt"

48. "Tree of Life COVID-19 Remembrance Quilt" Carol J.
Tree of Life pattern by Edyta Sitar

I used the Tree Farm pattern by Edyta Sitar, pulling most of the fabrics from my stash due to the pandemic. I started working on it In April or May 2020, before the death count in the US had crossed 5,000. It is hard to imagine how many more deaths have occurred in the US and around the world since then. I designed it to remember the special vibrancy of each life that was or would be lost. One of the leaves is a very pale pink, to signify those who slipped away without a diagnosis or without someone to care for them. I prayed as I designed, cut, and sewed the "leaves" together. And I cried some too. I prayed for the front line workers and for all those who lost someone to the pandemic. Like the pandemic itself this quilt is not quite finished (notice the clips on the binding, which is still being hand stitched on). It was a blessing to know that this quilt follows a long standing tradition of memorializing those we have lost, and turning to the spiritual sources that help us through, which is what I see in the traditional "Tree of Life" pattern.