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65. "Practice in Ginkgo"

65. "Practice in Ginkgo" Cindy P.

My little quilt is just a wall hanging, only about 16" square.  It started out as just a practice piece, but it turned out pretty cute so I'll keep it as a hanging for my sewing room.  I was practicing how to use my Brother Scan and cut, to cut out the ginkgo leaves, and to practice thread painting for another project I just started.  So this has no name, totally off the cuff.  I'm not great at FMQ work, so this was also a practice for that.  I learned a lot about what doesn't work... finally got my tension correct and speed worked out for FMQ and thread painting, and I'd never used yarn, netting and mylar on a quilt so didn't know what to expect.  I also needed to find out what things would melt upon being ironed.  So, I learned a lot with this little piece.  Some of my favorite colors in a quilt are orange, purple and lime together, so I tried to use them all on this one.