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2022 ACC Quilt Show - Make a donation to MANNA Food Bank

Make a monetary donation to MANNA Food Bank! Please make sure you select "curbside pickup" at checkout so you aren't charged a shipping charge.

You can donate as much or as little you would like, starting at $1. MANNA can make 4 meals for local folks in need with each dollar donated!

100% of money raised goes to MANNA Food Bank!

We typically raise $2-3000 each year for them, and have raised over $25,000 over the year with our quilt show!
If you would like to see all 48 incredible entries this year, please stop by the shop any time between now and May 31st 2022, or check out the Quilt show for MANNA photo album on Facebook here; Facebook
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Monetary donation to MANNA Food Bank