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26 "Baker's Animal Quilt"


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26. "Baker's Animal Quilt" Story: I needed a retirement project, and my quilting friends encouraged me to get back into quilting last summer; After all, I had made one before- in 1983! I came into your shop asking if you had a kid print with a fox.  My daughter had recently lost her dog  of thirteen years, a Shiba Inu  (looks like a fluffy orange fox) rescue, and my granddaughter was soon to have her first birthday. Animal panels and coordinating prints: What better way to help Baker learn her animals and remember Addie? Now she sits with her quilt and sham, matching her stuffed animals to the correct panels.  What did I learn upon my return to sewing? 1) Rotary cutters are infinitely better than scissors; 2) Double "fork" pins measurably increase the probability that corners will match up; 3) Precise measuring is a must, and 4) Quilters are  incredibly generous with their tips and scraps. Thank you all!