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30 "Kaye's Quilt"


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30. "Kaye's Quilt" Pattern: Half-Square Triangle Around the World Quilt. Story: My beloved Aunt Kaye, who lived in Green Bay Wisconsin, became ill with fast moving Cancer in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Because of the epidemic I was unable to travel to see her and to say goodbye. Luckily her children and husband were able to be with her during her passing. This quilt was a form of prayer for her as well as a way of sending her and my Uncle Gary love during this challenging time. Each cut and stitch was a prayer for her, her health and for the family.  It was a process of remembering her and the fullness she brought to life and the joy she shared with everyone around her.  Red was her favorite color and one I have shied away from in quilting, so it was a delight to play with the bold color in honor the boldness, energy, humor, and strength Kaye’s brought with her wherever she went. Kaye died on April 25, 2020, just a month and a few days shy of her 60th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I did not finish the quilt before Kaye’s passing so the final steps of quilting and binding have been filled with love and prayer for my Uncle and gratitude for being blessed with such an amazing Aunt who made the world a more joyous, loving, and fun place.