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Bernette 05 Academy

Equipped with 30 stitches and a fast motor, the b05 ACADEMY lets you quickly realize your ideas. For tricky projects that require a slower pace, you can reduce the maximum sewing speed. It comes with 12 presser foot soles, an easy-to-attach finger guard, and even more sewing space with the large, convenient extension table. Who knows what ideas you‘ll have tomorrow? The b05 ACADEMY will always be there for you.

Hook system Drop-in
Maximum stitch length 4mm
Space to the right of the needle 6.49"
Needle threader Manual
Thread cutter Manual
Sewing light 2 LEDs
Number of stitches 30
Maximum sewing speed 1100 spm
Power switch with speed limitation  Yes
Maximum stitch width 6 mm
Lycra and blanket stitch  Yes